Nhiệt kế điện tử Anritsu AM-8000 series

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Nhiệt kế điện tử Anritsu AM-8000 series

Hiệu: Anritsu

Xuất xứ: Japan

Model: AM-8000 series

Nhiệt kế Anritsu model AM-800  là loại cầm tay nhỏ gọn, lưu trữ dữ liệu trong bộ nhớ.

Dữ liệu được kết nối với máy tính thông qua một phần mềm chuyên dụng. Đặc biệt nhiệt kế

điện tử loại này có nhiều kênh.

  • 6ch model
  • 12ch model
  • Model AM-8000K
  • Model AM-8060K
  • Interface
    The link to the PC is by USB or RS-232C.
  • Number of inputs
    6ch model (capable of storing 60,000 measurements) or 12ch model (capable of storing 120,000 measurements)
  • Input type
    A multi-function temperature / voltage model is also available for simultaneous recording of temperature and voltage.
  • Interval
    The high-speed model is capable of measuring at 100ms intervals.
    *Except remote measurement.
Heat-resistant box
Heat-resistant box for 6ch model
Application limit : 300°C / 20min
External dimensions :
320 (W) × 190 (H) × 250 (D) mm (not including protrusions)
Weight : approx. 10kg
Waterproot box for 6ch model
(For the container to φ 98mm)
Application limit : 100°C / 60min
External dimensions :
205 (W) × 155 (H) × 405 (D) mm (not including protrusions)
Weight : approx. 8kg
* in Type denotes the type of thermocouple (E or K)
* The above products are sold separately.
Please contact us for more information.
















Software for AM series
Software specifications
The software enables use of data on a PC.
Compatible OSs
Microsoft® Windows® XP(SP.3 or newer), Windows Vista®
Windows® 7 (for English)
* All PCs under the recommended environment are not guaranteed to work successfully with AMS-850.
* AMS-850 can be used only by the user that has a system administrative right (Adoministrator)
* AMS-850 does not support Mac OS.
* Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, and Excel®are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.
















Function of AM-8000 series

Model Interface Number of inputs Input type Interval
Type K Type E USB RS-232C 6ch. 12ch. Temp. V Normal High speed
AM-8000K AM-8000E
AM-8001K AM-8001E
AM-8050K AM-8050E
AM-8051K AM-8051E
AM-8010K AM-8010E
AM-8011K AM-8011E
AM-8060K AM-8060E
AM-8061K AM-8061E
AM-8100K AM-8100E
AM-8101K AM-8101E
AM-8150K AM-8150E
AM-8151K AM-8151E
AM-8110K AM-8110E
AM-8111K AM-8111E
AM-8160K AM-8160E
AM-8161K AM-8161E

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Extensive experience, unique technology and hard commitment backed by advanced manufacturing technique has made Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. ready for future challenges.

Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. was established in 1949 as manufacturer of electronic measuring instrument.
In 1963, Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. has started a new episode in the science of thermometry probes and highly accurate electronic thermometers.
A pioneer in the field of surface temperature measurement, Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. aims to provide even more reliable methods of evaluating surface temperature.
At present we produce more than 10000 kinds of probes which have earned us highest respect world wide.

Anritsu Meter Co., Ltd. a leader in temperature measurement technology has played an active role in enhancement of temperature measuring techniques in all types of industry.
Our commitment to quality product, market need and advance technology has resulted in a wide variety of products than have contributed to rapid expansion of thermometry science into areas such as conservation energy and resources

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